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Act of Peace
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Like all Americans we were shocked and horrified by the events of September 11th. We watched the death and destruction and we knew that somewhere a line had been crossed, that violence against the innocent had become too awful to even comprehend. We grieved, and we joined with the rest of America in trying to make sense out of what had happened. What we came to was this: This horror will not be ended by more horrors, this loss will not be softened by the loss of others, striking out against a perceived enemy will do nothing to quell our fears, and no amount of retaliation will make the world safe for our children. The president has called the attack an act of war, and we cannot abide further acts of war. So we do the only thing we can think to do, we speak out, hoping to reach others, hoping to connect to humanity in a way that is not only different from violence, but the opposite of violence. We have spoken our minds and our hearts and this is what we have created, this is our Act of Peace.