Sam (fender_qt) wrote in act_of_peace,

Hey everyone.. I’m Samantha and I’m 16 years old. Peace has always been a major issue in my life.. I feel very strongly about it and feel as if with everything going on in the world right now, there must be something I can do to support peace. So, I was thinking about putting a peace rally together in my city. I was thinking about having close to 75 people volunteering to do it.. holding up signs that talk about peace and such. I was also thinking that I would come up with a design for a t-shirt and have a bunch of them made and everyone who participates would have to buy one to wear to the rally. I am also thinking about where the profits from the shirts would go. A few people have mentioned sending them to the American troops but it sort of is a contradiction of supporting peace. As much as I am against the war, I still support the American troops. But, supporting the troops is sort of supporting them fight, which is the complete opposite of peace. Another suggestion was sending the money to the Peace Corp. Anyway, I figured since all of you in this community feel strongly about peace, some of you could suggest some ideas for the peace rally and suggest where the profits could go.

Any input would be excellent! Thanks!
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