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Welcome to the Greenpeace Organizing Team

A Semester of Action!
The Greenpeace Organizing Team would like to invite you to be trained hands-on to become and environmental leader. We are inviting you to join a program that includes international travel, one-on-one training, and an incredible amount of fun!

Professional Training:
There are over 50 cutting-edge training in grassroots organizing, campaign skills, media strategy, and direct action. You will be trained by America's top environmental leaders in every issue from planning national campaigns to learning to drive the Greenpeace boats.

Travel Abroad:
There will be one week of of travel to meet international activists. In the past they have traveled to the Greenpeace headquarters in Amsterdam, and Paris to take part in a 500-person peace sign.

The Campaigns:
This is an opportunity to gain hands-on experience working with a real Greenpeace campaign!

Tuition and Credit:
Tuition: $3,500, and limited scholarships are available on a need or merit base. The tuition covers training expenses, books and materials, cost during travel abroad including flight, food, and lodging.
Credit: This is something you are going to want to work out with your school Try to receive credit as an independent study or internship.

The Details:
What: Action filled semester and the BEST hands-on training you can get to become an environmental leader.
Who: You and 5-10 other top students from across the country.
When:Summer 2006: May 29t-Aug 4
Fall 2006: Sept 18-Dec 15
Where:Washington D.C. (Summer and Fall) and San Francisco (Fall)
You Get: Great skills, international travel experience, and life-long

Who Should Apply:
Students who are passionate, smart, visionary, and interested in protecting the environment. Rising freshmen and sophomores are preferred. Greenpeace strongly encourages applications from a variety of people. The best part is NO prior experience is necessary!

How to Apply:
Log onto:
Admissions are rolling, and two-thirds of the program participants are accepted through early admission.
Early Admission Deadline: Feb 3
Regular Deadline: Feb 24

Please help us gain a green and peaceful future!
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